CODE: C 028


The perfect PK touch, Wraith allows the performer to psychically 'touch' a participant in real time- no time delay or misdirection. An impossible moment of pure magic.


• Adjustable power

• Comes with two types of thread:

– Fine and strong monofilament for PK-Touch effects on seated participants

– Easy to handle invisible thread for new startling close-up applications

• Carry in your pocket for close-up or walk-around

• Mounts almost instantly under chairs

• No jacket required on chair

• Trigger up to four units with one transmitter in succession or,

• Trigger an unlimited number of units simultaneously

• Uses 9 volt battery. Stand-by time of over 12 hours

• Dimensions: 3 1/4″ x 2″ x 3/4″

Basic Applications:

• Real Time PK-Touch Routines:

– Openly touch one participant and another stands up (up to 80 meters away)

– Touch your own shoulder and both participants stand up (REQUIRES 2 UNITS)

– Touch one participant and have up to 3 other participants feel it (REQUIRES 3 UNITS)

• Remotely ring a hotel bell that can be immediately examined

• Remotely snuff out a candle

Including two very special original routines from Christopher Taylor:

1) “Psychic Hide and Seek”

Suitable for stage, parlour or close-up (even walk-around) and uses no chairs: Two standing participants agree to play a game of Hide and Seek in which one hides in an imaginary hotel room with a number on the door known only to him or her. The performer guides the other participant (the “Seeker”) into the mind of the “Hider” counting off the room numbers. At the very moment the secret room the performer names the secret number, the “Seeker” calls out “Found You!” (requires optional toe-switch transmitter)

2) “Qi Touch”.

Qi Touch is an application of Wraith that can vastly increase the impact of your favorite metal bending techniques. Two versions are taught: with, and without, pre-performance set up.

Each kit comes with everything you need to perform right out of the box.


  • 1-Button Transmitter
  • Batteries
  • Chair mounting tabs
  • DVD and warranty

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