CODE: V 004W


Performer places a bottle into a paper bag and informs the audience that, through his vast magical prowess, he'll cause it to vanish. He says the magic words, and tries to convince the audience that, indeed, the bottle is gone! The audience is skeptical, but the magician causes it to return by simply pulling out of the bag again. This is repeated until the audience can stand no more. Placing the bottle into the bag one last time, the performer truly causes it to vanish and PROVES it by crumpling up the bag into a small ball and tossing it aside. This one really causes them to scratch their heads in amazement.

This bottle looks absolutely fabulous! It's made of the highest quality material, and it looks incredibly real, even up close! Now look at the labels. The Miller labels are static cling, which means they will last longer and the bottle is easier to clean.

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