Say, do you have any old magic lying around gathering dust that you really don't use anymore? How about that killer effect that is no longer right for your current show? Maybe you know someone who has retired from the business all together that is looking to get rid of their items. Or, perhaps you know someone who has left us, and you'd like to see them live on through the enjoyment that their magic can bring. Well, we here at Daytona Magic are always on the lookout for used magic of exceptional quality, and we would love to see what you have! 
Simply contact us and let us know what you have and what you'd be willing to sell it for. If it meets our standards, we will pay you either cash, or trade for magic (If you trade your items for new magic, we will offer you more for the trade then a cash buy-out.) We are interested only in items that are in an excellent, well cared-for condition. We have already helped our customers make thousands of dollars on their used magic, and you could be next! So drop us a line and let's talk! 
You can contact Harry by calling the shop at 1-800-346-2442, or if you are in the Central Florida area (386) 252-6767. Better yet, if you're that close to us already, why not bring your items down to the shop and show them to us in person.

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