There is a small size box on the stage. A lady assistant gets into the box and sits in the box. The magician closes the door and inserts two metal blades. These go right into the middle of the box. Next two triangles are completely inserted into the box seemingly through the lady. Now believe it or not the magician takes the top half of the illusion away! All in the audience will be shocked! At last, the magician returns the box to the original condition and his assistant comes out as nothing has happened.

It is easy to perform and can be done indoors, outdoors, or on the stage. Remember this can be done surrounded. There are no special lighting requirements.

The height is less than 5 1/2 feet. If your assistant’s height is higher than 5'4", you should contact us and we will produce a special size item for you. It is easy to setup. It should only take a few minutes 

The performing time of this illusion is about 6 or 7 minutes. This item is one of the smallest body division props in the world! it can be disassembled and portable. When setting it up you dont need tools.

You receive the body division box, two blades, two triangle canisters and an instructional DVD.

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