This table is designed around the ingenious "folding" idea by the late Robert Harbin. Harbin's idea was for a much smaller table, that could be easily concealed and "produced from thin air." However, the table top or working surface available was rather small.

This table uses the same basic construction idea for a much larger and sturdier magic table, which you can carry in your suitcase, and instantly erect into a sturdy working table for your act. The model has been decorated in the form of cartoon figures, which make it ideal as a table for the Kid show performer, though you could also use it for your regular show.

As you can see in the picture we have "Mookie" sitting on top to prove that it is a very sturdy table, which will not topple over. Folding the table is a mere matter of straightening the legs, then folding them ZIG Zag to the top. Although not as compact as the original Harbin table, it looks quite magical walking on to a bare stage, platform or cabaret floor with one of these tables tucked under your arm, and setting it up in the "twinkling of an eye" for your act.

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