A clear rectangular box is shown to the audience perched on a slender stand, high above the floor. A set of small stairs are placed under the box. (Stairs are not included) At this point, either the magician or the assistant walks up the stairs and enters the clear plexiglass box. The box is sealed and the occupant places their hand through a small hole in the box wall so that it will be completely visible for the duration of the illusion.

At this point, the box is covered as the occupant pushes their hand through a hole in the cloth. The cover can then be lifted up to show that the person in the box is still there. Now, the performer on the stage shows a large, cloth with a pole running though the top so that the cloth may be held open wide at all times. After a few dramatic spins to show that the cloth is empty, the performer walks up to the illusion, raises one end of the cloth to the hand in the box so that they can hold it.

This next part happens in a flash!

The stage performer raises the cloth up and down in one smooth motion, but in that split second, the person in the box and the performer switch places! Then, the cover is instantly ripped off of the box to show that the performer is now trapped inside with their hand still sicking through the hole! The stairs are returned to the base of the box, the door opens, and the performer runs down to take a bow!
Then when you think it's all over, the clear box is covered once again, and in the blink of an eye, the cloth is ripped off the box to show that yet another person has magicially appeared inside of the box!

The two videos above feature two different ways to present this amazing illusion! The first is the original presentation by John Taylor, and the second, shows the addition of the second person appearing in the box!

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