Lukas Crafts presents a revolutionary smoke device: "Smoke One". Smoke One comes in two types - Box Type (Standard Version) and Ball Type. The advantages of both types are simple and straight forward. No Tubes. This saves you from A LOT of problems and issues while practicing and performing USB Chargeable. You don't need to use a separate plug; you may use portable battery devices or even your laptop to charge the device. The devices are small enough for you to palm them without any problems.

The specific advantages of Ball type...

No special set up required - just load the ball or have it palmed and you are ready.

Easy to palm because of the round shape - its just like a billiard ball, but it's a smoke device as well.

You can use the gimmick with a ball manipulation routine, which will not only improve the magical quality, but make it more deceptive as well.

Destroy restrictions.

Experience Smoke One.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.