Sindy Skinless




Since their inception, the gang have been on the road every Halloween season to numerous locations around the area. In 2008, they traveled to the Wilson Castle in Rutland, VT to entertain guests as they waited in long lines to get into the Haunted Castle walkthrough attraction. 

The next weekend, they traveled to Woodstock, VT and performed to the crowds of trick or treaters that ended up in the Historic Woodstock Inn that Halloween weekend. The Inn hosts Halloween every year. They shut down the main street and the trick-or-treaters take over the town, finishing up in the lobby of the Woodstock Inn where that year,and the next, they were greeted by Sindy and the boys.

Since then, this Quartet has made it's home in the Haunted Forest in Williston, VT where they spend a very full three days the weekend before Halloween set up in the woods to entertain those who make it to the end of this outdoor haunted attraction. They feel right at home in their cosy crypt constructed for them by the talented crew at the Haunted forest.