Magic with silks is colorful and appealing to any audience, Silks are ideal for production, transformations and flashy visual effects. We are delighted to introduce this set of six Magic Picture Silks, from artwork specially created by the renowned Magician Cartoonist Ed Harris.

The silks illustrate and convey the messages - Welcome, Thank You, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Gone and Goodnight. Anybody interested in magic will have his own favorite way of using these silks. You can produce them from any standard production props like the Mirror Box, Drawer Box, Square & Circle Production, Japan Box, Wonder Box, Temple Screen, Ghost Tube, Production Mat, Production Cone, etc.

One very appealing production is a bare hand one, where the performer shows his hands empty, flicks his hand and a silk appears at his fingertips. You will find several methods for a Bare Hand Silk Production in the Encyclopedia of Silk Magic, or any standard magic textbook with silk tricks. Included with the 100% pure 18" silks are a few applications for the various designs.

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