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Product Code: UP112M

This is the best Flying Carpet illusion that we have ever seen. It is quality made from the finest materials. 

A small platform on casters is wheeled out anyplace. On it is a two-fold screen holding up a prop carpet. Anyone up to 120 pounds is placed on top with their legs crossed. You can also use this as a one man effect. Two chrome swords are shown and propped under the carpet. Then the screen is pulled out from under the carpet, off the platform onto the floor. Apparently the swords are holding up the carpet. Now, the swords are removed and waved around, as the subject and carpet remain suspended in mid air. A solid hoop is passed over the carpet and subject to show that no visible means of support is used. The screen is placed back under the carpet and the subject steps down.

This can be worked most anyplace! You can use it on the patio, beach, rumpus room, living room, floor, platform and stage. Packs flat and weighs only about 40 pounds. Many other presentations are possible in addition to those mentioned above. This is quality from start to finish. Hula hoop not included. A lot of magic at an unusually low price!!

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