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Product Code: UP071M

 Above is a similiar sub trunk being done on a TV show. Good Job by this crew.

Well we took the bull by the horns. For years we have tried to buy substitution trunks from other manufactures and unfortunately we have been at their mercy for delivery. They would only wholesale us a trunk immediately if they had an extra one lying around. Otherwise we would usually have to wait for delivery. We decided to go all the way and invest some time and money to make jigs and produce a beautiful Metamorphous Trunk.

Our trunk is compact and completely portable. It is way ahead of any similar unit. Sets up and breaks down in minutes. Sturdy enough to take heavy use. Easy to use with no tools necessary to set it up. The trunk can be carried and set up by one person. The trunk is made from high quality red oak plywood that has been V-grooved to look like planks nailed together. We do not varnish or use any type of lacquer finish. The trunk is rubbed with $25.00 worth of fine quality Tung oil. We can't stop you from getting the trunks scratched but with a Tung oil finish the scratch can be rubbed and it will hardly show. Also we put an adjustment on the trunk so after years of wear the gimmick can be easily tightened up. There is no finer sub trunk on the market today.

The trunk is 37" long x 27" wide x 27" high. You can get a black curtain for an additional charge. Just ask the operator.

This item has special shipping charges.

Call and we will let you know how much to ship to your location.


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