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Product Code: Z 055

Don't think of Auto Fooler as a joke that you can only play on someone with a car or truck. You can get the same funny reaction when the Auto Fooler is used on Tractors, Lawn Mowers, chain saws, snow mobiles, all terrain vehicles and just about anything that has an electronic ignition and a spark plug.

Auto Foolers were first invented before 1941 and were available until 1990 or so. It has finally been reintroduced after an long period of engineering that would satisfy the D. O. T. and the C. P. S. C. the NEW Auto Fooler is once again available. The newer version does not have a Bang to it but it does have a whistle and smoke. A great old item that is once again ready to have fun with. Please remember to read all safety information on the card and Auto Fooler. A Great Item that is only available from us.

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