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From the mastermind Sean Fields, comes a brand new masterpiece! 

Introducing Absence, an incredible interpretation to the classic effect, 'The Phantom Artist,' by Annemann. 

A celebrity is merely thought of, and a previously examined book of matches is opened, and a single match removed... 

The cover of the matchbook is lit on fire, quickly becoming engulfed in the flame, but blown out before completely burning away. 

Then, using nothing more than a phone flashlight, you reveal that the burnt matchbook cover casts a PERFECT shadow of the thought-of celebrity! 

When Sean first posted a video of Absence online in 2017, it caused a sensation, with the biggest names in magic all asking how they could get it. 

A near perfect trick, it ticks all the boxes... 

Packs small, plays big - it fits in your pocket, and can fill a stage! 

Organic - a book of matches, and a phone. It doesn't get much more natural than that! 

Examinable? The spectator is left with the matchbook, which they can (and will!) display, as an impossible piece of art! 

In this kit, you will receive...

  • 5 Barack Obama Absence matchbooks. 
  • 5 Tom Cruise Absence matchbooks. 
  • 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Absence matchbooks. 
  • 2 duplicate blank matchbooks. 

You will learn... 

MKUltra Force: Sean's modern take on the Mish Mash force, this bold and effective force works just as well for 1000 people as it does for 1! All required videos are provided. 

  • Absence Classic: The effect that set the world on fire! 
  • Flameless Absence: The perfect handling for walk around! Repeatable, fire free, same incredible effect! 
  • Double Absence: An encore effect, where the matchbook seems to morph, revealing a second celebrity! 
  • Powerful. Practical. Provocative. This is Absence. 


We at Daytona Magic emphasize to all prospective purchasers that FIRE TRICKS AND FLASH PRODUCTS are NOT FOR CHILDREN! We do not knowingly sell flash or fire items to children. We recommend these items only to be used by professional magicians. We have no control once the item leaves our premises. Therefore we accept no responsibility for their use or misuse.

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