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Product Code: UP002A

A sophisticated PVC high impact, beautifully finished cylinder is used to create the miraculous effect of capturing gravity. The cylinder is perfectly clear inside having no obstructions, threads, or wires. The cylinder can be shown to the audience who will completely see through it proving its innocence.

Even after this examination, you will be able to capture gravity in the cylinder. To prove this you can pour in water in the tube and it will not run out the other end. Drop in a ball or egg, and they will remain in suspended animation. This effect can be done surrounded It can be worked either close up or on the platform. We took great care in creating this illusion to make it foolproof. It is larger by 2 inches than other similar devices. The cylinder is 8 inches high. The black spots are not just painted on to the trick. They are special commercial grade vinyl that helps create the perfect illusion. We supply the props for several effects. A Ping-Pong ball remains suspended in mid air and a rope mysteriously holds on to an unknown force.

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