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Product Code: ILITE_V2_WHI


With your empty hand, you catch colored lights (or only red lights) and throw them in a glass, fill the glass with lights, and then using a straw, you can interact with the lights and drink! After that, the lights will glow in your mouth! 

You can perform this with colored lights (you catch different colors at a time) and one WHITE light. 

The cup and tube have two color programs. The first is MULTICOLOR and the second is WHITE ( You can catch and throw only white lights in a cup ).

We recommend using D'Lites for the red programs. 


  • You can control the appearance of lights and a drop in the glass. 
  • You control everything with just one button. 
  • This i-Lite Cup is compatible with the Multicolor TIE. 
  • This device has four different programs. 
  •  Two programs (long and short) with colorful lights, and two programs (long and short) with red lights. 
  • Long draft program - you can catch more than 20 lights and throw them into the glass. 
  • Short program - you throw 10 lights. 

This set includes...

  • 1 special plastic drinking cup
  • 1 special drinking straw
  • 2 USB charger
  • 2 LED light tips
  • 2 glow tooth LED lights (only multicolor)
  • Lighting Ears is not included in the set. 

i-Lite Garland from the mouth is not included.

"This is a GREAT idea. Congratulations!" - Jeff Hobson 

"It is THE BEST addition to any D-lite routine I've ever seen." - Paul Romhany

"My friend Viktor Voitko created a perfect trick for Christmas parties. It is colorful and self-working... if you like "lazy" tricks, you'll enjoy it as much as I do." - Kate Medvedeva 

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