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T 1000
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T 1000

Product Code: T-1000HANSON


T-1000 was the most popular magic product at the TMA Magic convention in 2018! The bead chain penetrates any object! 

T-1000 is created by Nemo Liu and Hanson Chien. T-1000 can also be used as a general accessory. 

The trailer demonstrates a variety of penetration applications. Two chains penetrating each other is one of the most eye-catching effects for magicians to perform. There are numerous other possibilities of visual effects with T-1000. These innovative presentations are waiting for you to discover! 

Astound your audience with T-1000! 

"A highly visual solid-thru-solid effect that can be done anywhere at anytime, this is what real magic should be like." - Demian Aditya 

"Ultra visual magic... Love it. Great job Nemo and Hanson!" - Henry Harrius 

"T-1000 FEELS like REAL magic. I LOVE this!" - Justin Miller 

"Normally we as magicians fool others, but the T-1000 fools me every time I link and unlink in my hands. It's a wonderful feeling." - Kevin Li 

"I truly love this, it's a lot of fun to perform and looks Amazing!" - Nicholas Lawrence

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