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Product Code: C 038

Super extraordinary prop that Chinese famous magician Lu Chen performed on the TV show!

The magician opens a wooden box and shows 3 balls. Take out the 3 balls and vanish one of the ball (ask audience whether they can see the vanishing ball, like "The Emperor's New Clothes"). And then 3 balls are all vanished in his hand! Audience are curious and magician asks if they want to see once again, then he reopens the box, the 3 balls are inside it!

You can follow the routine of Lu Chen on the show, or create your own unique routine. This delicate prop can be used in any boutique theater or your personal close-up show, that will definitely be the highlight of the show.

Comes with...

  • The box
  • Balls
  • Explanation video

Size: 5.51" x 3.93" x 1.97"

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