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Product Code: XX075

Magician shows a straw and a glass full of coke. He puts the straw in his mouth and drinks the coke without touching the glass. Yes, I know it sounds odd, but this is MAGIC. When the magician sucks the straw in air, coke appears in the straw! Simultaneously the coke in the glass starts diminishing until he stops sucking. Incredible! Yet it happens right under your nose.

Next, the magician sucks a straw of coke and gradually releases the coke to his palm. Suddenly the coke turns into an Oreo cookie! He eats it and shows the empty palm. Great for magicians, ventriloquists, puppeteers, comedians, etc.

Coke can be replaced with milk, juice, etc.

Comes with a magic straw and video instruction. Not include any glass.

Length: 11"

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