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Product Code: UP007D

Three large jumbo cards (7" x 10 1/2") are shown. Each have printed crosses on them. These three crosses depict Jesus at the crucifixion. Two crosses have the criminals who were on either side of Jesus and the center cross has Jesus on it.  Usually a child is asked to come to the platform and hold a large folder with a picture of THE TOMB printed on it. 

The tree cards are placed in the tomb as the crucifixion story is told. The two thief cards are removed leaving only the Christ card in the tomb. However when the Christ card is removed it is a card with the words, "HE IS NOT HERE" printed. When the audience thinks that the Christ card is on the reverse side and indicate they would like to see it turned over, the words the card now shows an image of Jesus ascending towards Heaven with the words "HE IS RISEN" printed below him.

This is one of the most popular Gospel tricks that we carry. Probably next to the coloring book, it is the best seller for Gospel magicians and clowns. It is very visual and easy to do, packs flat and will last a lifetime.

This should be in every Gospel performers' bag of tricks.

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