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Product Code: PP002B

You can transfer the laser beam from hand to hand, rotate it side to side like a solid stick, in a fast or slow motion, you can bend it in different angles & towards all directions as you wish ( simply palming a reflective stuff can make it possible).The beam can be broken into half or make it pass it through your body, hang your shirt on the beam (using prop).

How to use: Three buttons in total are on the device, the two green buttons control the single beam coming out of the side sepately, the middle button is used for twin laser beams that come out of both sides.

You can add magic effect into the laser show and perform as your  favorite way, for example you can hang your cloth on the laser beam  without dropping, cool huh? Stage smoke is also good addition to  creat fantastic effect.The possiblity is only limited by your  imagination. 


1.The circuit is sturdy and secure.

2.Ultra-high brightness rough Light Spot , simultaneously bilateral light.

3.Beautifully design, sturdy, delicate, handy size,good feeling

4.High power laser device in green color

5.Rechargeable Lithium battery, easy to carry

6.The Laser Tube with the Charging IC,can directly charging without dismantling battery.

7.Charge indicator to check the state of charge

8.Multifunctional buttons used to control the light of Double laser ,Left laser and Right laser.

9.You can use USB cable or adapter (110-220V) for battery charing.

Complete with laser device, USB cable, adapter charger, double  lithium bateires.

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