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Product Code: ILS033

A box frame is displayed on stage. After all sides are shown the top is sealed by a roll of paper towel.

The assistant is locked in handcuffs and climbs into the frame, the key is put somewhere visibly. After the other four sides are sealed by the paper towel, a metal plate is put atop. The magician stands on the top holding a curtain.  He pulls the curtain up to momentarily conceal his entire body.

When the curtain is lowered, it is now revealed to be the assistant standing atop the box having escaped both from the box and handcuffs. The magician and assistant have changed places instantaneously.

The magician breaks through the paper to appear again on stage with his hands locked by the handcuffs, he is released with the same key! The top of the frame is shown sealed perfectly, paper is not harmed!

What you get… The metal frame and board.

The roll of paper and cloth case not included.

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