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Product Code: UP739B

This is an extremely effective mini illusion, easy to carry, and perform, and guaranteed to make a big impact on any audience. Beside the apparatus supplied, you require a trained assistant who has rehearsed this, for maximum impact. A lady assistant would add a touch of glamour to the effect, and the effect could be performed with the magician in the contraption, and the assistant operating the "twister".

The performer places a frame with a box on top over the assistant's shoulder. On top of the frame is a box large enough to cover the head, with a cut out front, so that the head is clearly visible. The head is clamped into the box, and the box turned slowly, twisting the head with it. It is turned right around, and you have a perfect illusion of the head being twisted completely around with the box. This is then twisted back in the opposite direction, apparently to screw the head back right. Finally everything is removed and displayed freely, and your assistant is completely unharmed.

The apparatus supplied packs flat for convenience.

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