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Product Code: UP711D

Here is a nice novelty for the children's entertainer because the cards are big and bright. It can be shown in the smallest living room or the largest theater and the trick still has impact. The trick is amusing and intelligible to even the youngest child and yet baffling to even the most knowledgeable.

To perform you show three 8 by 10 inch cards. One is a fluorescent red letter "A". The next card is a fluorescent yellow letter"B". The third card is a fluorescent green letter "C". The three cards are placed into a paper folder. The magician pulls out and displays on both sides, the letters "A" and "C". Now the magician boldly states that the "B" has vanished completely from the folder. The children however are quick to point out that they can see a corner of the card sticking from the folder. The magician pulls that card out showing that he has a ferocious looking bee of a different kind, the insect variety.

The audience will ask that the card be turned around and after the standard "turn around gags" the magician complies showing the other side of the card which reads STUNG. The magician states, "This is what happens when you play with bees!" DELIGHTFUL!

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