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Product Code: B 042

Every good idea has to start somewhere; this one was originated in England and is used by many magicians successfully. We supply you with a quantity of 50 Diplomas.

When you roll one of these, starting from the bottom and with the diploma side inward and slip two small rubber bands, one over each end, the finished product will exactly resemble a MINIATURE MAGIC WAND! You can give this to a spectator to hold or wave at the appropriate moment in the trick. At the end, take the "wand" from him, slipping off the two rubber bands.

Thank the spectator for assisting you and say that for his help yon are going to present him with a wand. "Actually" you say, "it's a DIPLOMA". The wand is unrolled and says that you are a "MEMBER OF THE SOCIETY OF MAGICIAN'S ASSISTANTS." The assistant will often keep the diploma for many years and show it around to his friends, all good publicity for you, especially if you type or rubber stamp your name and address on the diploma in the appropriate place.

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