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Product Code: UP149M

The most amazing part of this illusion is the fact that the carpet and the girl revolve in mid air at the same time, THE SPECTATORS SEE ALL SIDES! A small platform on casters is rolled to any spot on the floor desired. Resting on the platform is a beautifully decorated two-fold screen. It supports a platform with gold fringe representing a carpet. The carpet seat is tufted and padded for comfort, and it shows up well at a distance.

A person weighing up to 140 pounds sits cross-legged on the 'carpet'. Then two chrome-like swords are placed on the bottom platform and secured to the underside of the carpet to further support it. NOW THE SCREEN IS MOVED OFF THE PLATFORM AND ONTO THE FLOOR, AWAY FROM THE CARPET! The swords are then removed and waved over, under, and around the carpet as it stays suspended in mid-air. But wait! Here's the best part. The magician waves his hand toward the carpet and it slowly revolves. All four sides are seen. Then a solid hoop is passed over the person and the carpet, then taken away.

The NEW ALUMINUM gimmick weight is only 5 pounds yet, it holds up to 140 pounds without swaying. The entire outfit packs flat for easy transportation. Comes complete with everything but the hoop. A rope tied into a circle can be used to pass over the person, or some people use a Hula-Hoop. This is, without question, one of the most baffling illusions ever devised, and it is so compact. Listen to people talk of the big magic shows they have seen. What do they mention without fail, THE FLOATING LADY.

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