Sam has a van which he carries all his magic props in. "But look it is a very plain van," says the performer. The kids will all agree. (At this time a white van is shown.) "I think that we should take the van into the Magic Drive Thru Paint Shop," the Magician says. He explains that in this modern age of Drive Thru Cleaners, Convenience stores, Banks and Restaurants, there is also a Magic Drive Thru Paint shop. (At this time the magician introduces the Magic Drive Thru Paint Shop.) The paint shop is opened briefly and shown to be empty. The van is driven into the shop as the magician asks the kids to make sounds like a van driving (Va-rooom beep, beep). The Magic Paint Shop is turned around and the van is backed out while the kids continue to make driving sounds. As the van is driven out everyone will see that it has been "painted" blue. Even though the paint shop is once again shown empty, the kids become suspicious that all you did was turn the van around.

All the standard turn-around moves are performed to "work the kids up". The van is held side-ways and upside down. When the van is finally turned around the kids will see that the "magic" really happened. The van will be painted in full rainbow colors complete with lettering "Sam's Magic Van".

This is a cute little routine that kids will love.

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