Roy Zaltsman




If one had to pinpoint a land that yielded some of the best Mentalists in the world it would have to be Israel. It has an impressive list of Internationally acknowledged leading names. 
Amongst the top names on that list would be Roy Zaltsman. As a Performer & Lecturer, he has appeared at many Conventions Internationally, has been on Israeli Television and was one of the favored guests on Uri Geller’s, “The Successor”.
He has entertained audiences in the USA, Europe, Africa & Asia. He is also The Executive Producer of MARS - Magic At The Red Sea - Conventions that has featured many of the World’s Leading Magicians.
He returns to the USA to be on the bill of Daytona Magic convention and will be revealing many of his creative approaches to modern day Mentalism. He will demonstrate LIVE some of the nuances from his jointly Produced DVD entitled, ‘The Roy Dvd’ which, was endorsed by many leading Magicians including Bob Cassidy, Anthony Darkstone & Lee Earle.
It can be safely predicted that witnessing Roy Zaltsman at Daytona Magic convention will add a whole new dimension to the Art of Mentalism.