CODE: A 012A


How do these work?? Watch this pair of mysterious rods spin, stop, and reverse direction at your command! And you don't have to do anything- they just do it!

What strange power is this?? It's science in action!

First, give one of the Rattleback Celtic Stones a tap on one end. Rather than just rock back and forth, it will start spinning by itself!

Next, spin on of the stones in a clockwise direction. Suddenly, the stone will STOP and REVERSE, spinning in the OPPOSITE direction all by itself! Of course, you can make a magic gesture just at the moment that the stone stops, if you want to make it look magical!

Now, take the other stone and spin it. That stone will also stop and reverse directions, going first clockwise, then counterclockwise.

Want to know how these work? Buy from us ASAP!

2 rattlebacks - red and green are included.

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