Robert Latimer was killed by Holmes around 1891 in the Murder castle. The facts surrounding his death are confusing a bit but  according to family members Latimer lost his hand in a freak hunting accident and that Latimer was never the same. Latimer’s family alluded to a supernatural encounter and often spoke of his hand being hunted! Latimer said that he would hear a tapping sound “when I looked down my hand would be tapping”. Doctors after seeing Latimer said that his symptoms where “phantom limb syndrome”. His new hand was a modern marvel it is believed that this is why he was chosen by Holmes. Latimer’s wooden hand was found in the death castle basement.

After much testing and a lot of feedback from our test users we have nailed down the specs here is the final details...

  • The board that the hand sets on is about 16x7x1
  • Comes with our advance coil system
  • The hand is aged and is life like in size and in appearance it even has a bolt on the end of the wrest.

For ease of use it comes with our tiny single button hands free legacy remote. “Non-Blutooth” This legacy system gets up to 150 feet.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.