Nothing gets your audience's attention like visual magic. Now we're taking visual to a whole new level with PyroPlastic: Green Flame.

Created by Jared Manley, a special effects wizard behind Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Sherlock, PyroPlastic: Green Flame is a flash product disguised as common plastic wrapping. Never again dig into your pocket to pull out a random piece of paper that never makes sense in a routine.

PyroPlastic: Green Flame can be hidden in plain sight, ready to be used organically at a moment's notice. PyroPlastic: Green Flame uses a secret formula that gives every flash you produce an ethereal green flame. It feels like you are controlling an otherworldly mystical flame at your fingertips!

It's a unique kick that will catch your audience completely off-guard! Disguise it as cellophane on a tuck box, and use it to produce any card. Pull a piece of plastic off a cigarette pack and impossibly create a cigarette from out of the flames. Pull plastic off a piece of candy wrapping and magically create a second piece of candy. Unseal a pack of cards using nothing more than a bit of fire. Visually see the change of FriXion pen-type predictions/transformations with transparent plastic!

Comes complete with four green burning PyroPlastic: Green Flame sheets (197mm x 127mm). No residue, harmful chemicals, or lingering vapors! This is fiery misdirection hidden in an ordinary strip of plastic! Turn up the heat, with PyroPlastic!

Variations of PyroPlastic sold separately.


We at Daytona Magic emphasize to all prospective purchasers that FIRE TRICKS AND FLASH PRODUCTS are NOT FOR CHILDREN! We do not knowingly sell flash or fire items to children. We recommend these items only to be used by professional magicians. We have no control once the item leaves our premises. Therefore we accept no responsibility for their use or misuse.

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