CODE: G 042E


If you have ever seen Norm Nielsen perform, you know that he is one of the best card manipulators ever. I had a discussion once at a convention with him and he gave me a few pointers. He told me that he used cards that were a flesh color back. Since that day I began to sell Norm Nielsen Palming Cards. He also told me that he always used a card press.

At that time he didn't have the device on the market however, he explain that it was a contraption to squeeze the cards thereby making them thinner and more pliable, His Card Press does just that. It is an inexpensive device that looks like two metal plates and two giant wing nuts and bolts. In essence it is a portable vice for cards.

If you want to be a card manipulator get some Fanning Powder, a Powder Putter, some Nielsen Palming Cards and a Presto Card Press. Now all you need to do is practice, practice. Practice!

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