Approach a friend and ask in a suggestive voice, as if you are about to show him something risqué, "Would you like to see a picture of my honey in her bikini?" Then show him the photo. 

Follow-up gags.

  • Do you know what she's wearing under her bikini? Nothing, she's bare.(bear)
  • She's sweet, but sometimes (pointing to nozzle) she spouts off at me.
  • She wears a bikini, but she doesn't go out in the sun, do you know why? She gets hives.
  • There's more jokes, but they're unbearable.

To use as a  giveaway.

These cards make a great giveaway, but the coating on them makes them difficult to write your contact info on. Print Avery labels on your computer with your info and stick them on the backs of the cards.

When you give this card away, instruct the person that they should say, "Would you like to see . . .," first, THEN show the picture. Not the other way around. Not everyone understands the importance of presentation.

You receive a pack of three.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.