A small box is shown, and it is unfolded, becoming large enough for an assistant to enter. The box is barely big enough for the associate performer. Once she is inside, the box is again folded down in steps, to the original small box. There is apparently no place for the assistant to be. 

To further prove the lack of space, three long samurai swords are thrust through the box from all sides. The above photo illustrates this point in the performance. 

The illusion can be completely revolved, showing all sides. There is simply no place for the assistant to hide. Next, the swords are removed, and the box unfolded, revealing the assistant. 

We have included two videos, one from one of the most revered illusionists of our time, Doug Henning. He passed away tragically in 2000.The other video, is a performance that we give five stars to out of five.

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