CODE: Z 009


Theses are really funny and will be used by any magician who uses ordinary or gimmicked decks of cards. The sticker, which gets stuck to one side of a card case, reads in large type "ORDINARY DECK", below that it says. "HIS DECK HAS BEEN FACTORY INSPECTED AND DEEMED VOID OF ALL FORMS OF TRICKERY, GIMMICKRY, AND SKULLDUGGERY."

No longer do magicians need to laboriously shuffle and spread cards to show them to be ordinary. No longer do they need to say, "THIS IS AN ORDINARY DECK." (Yes, I heard some say that!!) They just turn the deck over and show the "FACTORY?" sticker, proving (?) that it is an ordinary deck. Stick this on an obviously gimmicked deck, like Mental Photography, and after doing the routine tell the spectators that you have an ordinary deck and prove it by turning the box over and showing them your official sticker.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.