• Show a silver ball and a solid metal ring.
  • Slowly and visually, you fuse them together! Looks incredible!
  • The audience may then examine this strange object.

Professionally presented in a round box, Ninja+ Fusion comes in a shiny silver finish. You are provided with all of the props needed, including a DVD and online instructions.

This effect works great on its own, yet can also be easily combined with any close-up linking rings routine. Ninja+ Fusion is ideal for all close-up magicians, regardless of whether you perform with linking rings or not.

Easy to perform and a variety of routines are included, making it ideal for both beginners and professional sleight-of-hand workers.
Visual magic at its finest.

Created by Matthew Garrett & Brian Caswell.


Matthew Garrett (UK), Michael O'Brien (USA), Seong Jin Lim (Korea), Ollie Ward, Lewis Joss and Tom Brooks (UK).

Ninja+ Fusion Contents:

  • Intro.
  • Showreel.
  • Props.
  • Credits.
  • Short Routine 1.
  • Short Routine 2.
  • Short Routine 3.
  • A Basic Routine.
  • Flash Products.
  • Smoke.
  • Extending your Routine.
  • Sliding Ball.
  • Advanced Routine.
  • Advanced Switch.
  • Flourishes.
  • Audience Participation.
  • Flying Link.
  • Adv. Routine Explanation.
  • Introducing the Ball.
  • Spellbound.
  • More Switches
  • Crossing The Gaze.
  • Centrifugal Switch.
  • More Moves & PK Ring.
  • Eye Poppers.
  • Moves, Tips, Use of Fire.
  • Angles.
  • Cleaning Props.
  • Longer Showreel.

Total Running Time 92 mins

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