Two hand-made, beautifully elegant, wooden display stands are shown to the audience. They are lined with felt for jewelry, but only one of the stands is holding a necklace, the other is empty. You separate the stands from each other, placing the stand holding the jewelry to the right of the stage. Very openly, you turn them around one by one. You command the necklace to vanish and transfer to the other stand. As you, openly, turn the right stand around. The necklace has literally vanished right off the face of the stand. Very slowly you turn around the other stand to show that the necklace has seemingly materialized onto the once empty stand.

This version has been specially hand crafted to include a special Houdini commemorative coin. This will add an extra bit of magic to your routine and you can tell how Houdini was considered the world's greatest escape artist. You then demonstrate this by having the necklace with the Houdini coin "escape" from one jewelry stand to the other!

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