Mark Presley



Mark's love of magic began at an early age.  Entertaining already at 10 years old, he not only received his first “paycheck”, but also experienced the thrill of his first “live” audience. Hearing their laughter and applause and seeing the smiles on their faces was enough for him to know that he had found his niche in life. Magic.

Mark set out to learn everything he could about the art. He began by researching Harry Houdini, the master of all magicians. It was because of this book, that he was able to use one of his most popular escape tricks and avoided becoming a victim of an armed robbery!

In 1995, Mark entered the Society of American Magicians competition for close-up magic and came home with an award. In addition to performance, he has taken on the challenge of teaching magic for park district programs and just recently, at Harper College as part of their cultural enrichment program.