I once said to my son while he was in the Marines, "How do you keep your brass buckles, buttons and medals so bright and never tarnished?" He laughed and said that he never buys the old fashion brass stuff, only the anodized. I thought about it, and went to my jeweler friend, Leroy, and asked him if we could anodize the magnet ring he makes. He said that if you use a good sterling silver for a base they would look great, have value, and never tarnish. He is doing them in both silver and gold anodized material.

Here is an accessory that every magician must own. It is a very powerful MAGNET RING. It is beautifully hand-crafted from sterling silver. The top is left blank so that you can have your initials engraved on top for a few dollars at your local jeweler. Actually it looks great blank. It is a very masculine looking signet ring. The ring was made to perfectly fit the magnet.

Why would you want a magnet ring? Just think for a moment. Chop Cup or Chop Cups and Balls with borrowed cups or a paper cup. Shim coins and cards. The trick Laser Beam can be turned off or on. Small metal objects can be made to disappear in an instant. Use your imagination and you will come up with many routines to do with this versatile prop. State your ring size before ordering.

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