Do you think you have seen everything regarding a Rubik's Cube? Could you imagine putting the pieces together in just one second? With MAGIKUB, you can do exactly that - solve the puzzle in one second!! In the blink of an eye, each side is a different solid color! Impossible! A great quality magical effect that will leave your audience speechless! Federico Poeymiró has been studying this puzzle for years in order to create a revolutionary solving of Rubik's Cube. 

Includes a tutorial video with all details and handling. 

"There are two paths with the Rubik's Cube, the skill or the magic... this idea will lead you into the magic." - MIGUEL ANGEL GEA 

"There are things that seem impossible, the cube is one them. It's fantastic" - RICARDO "Fantasio" ROUCAU 

"One of the best visual effects. Amazing and smart magic." - ADRIAN GUERRA

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