The magician calls up a helper on stage, and gives him, a magic Wand to help perform a trick. After this is finished, the wand transforms into a beautiful certificate which is presented to the assistant.

We supply you the specially printed certificates, in vivid colours on glossy art paper. You can rubber stamp, write, type, or print your name, phone number and other contact details in the space provided on the back of -the certificate.

Sign the certificate, and fill up the date, (and assistant's name if known in advance) on the face of the certificate. For example at a Birthday party you would know the Birthday child's name, and having him help you, then presenting him (or her) this filled in advance will be more "magical" when the certificate is revealed. In a general show you can write in the assistant's name after producing the certificate.

The Certificate is rolled lengthwise into a tube with the back to the outside, and black rectangle to the top. It should roll into a tube about 1/2 inch in diameter, and will appear just like a magic wand, black with white tips. Use this as an ordinary magic wand, handing it to a helper or assistant from the audience at some part of your trick. After this unroll the certificate and present it to your helper. He or she will be delighted, and you will be sure of the certificate being preserved (with your details) for future prospective bookings. You receive a package of twelve.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.