CODE: BK0003


The Kabbala (1971-81) was part of the information pipeline. Although it did not start out to be an alternative voice, it became combative counterpoint to Pallbearers Review and Epilogue.

Most of the material collected in this book is still vital, interesting, and useful. Certain routines are prototypal members of a special class, not masterpieces or blockbusters in the hyperbolic sense, but solid, practical, thought-provoking effects.

Jon Racherbaumer is the author of over 50 books and published Hierophant, Kabbala, Avatar, Sticks & Stones, Modus Operandi, Olram File, Facsimile, Swipe, and Marlophile. He lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana. This edition of the Kabbala is surly the finest compilation of dozens of magic's finest inventors. It is four hundred and eighty six pages thick. It is well illustrated and gold embossed.

It also comes in a beautiful dust jacket.

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