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Many performers begin their careers by performing for children but feel the need to quickly move on to other venues. If you simply don't like children and in no way enjoy performing for them, this book will not help you. This book was written for someone else.

This book is yours if you enjoy the unbridled laughter of children, if you appreciate a purer view of life that children seem to have, if you relish the funny things that kids say in their spontaneous comments, but you get frustrated when these behaviors get out of control. If this describes things you've felt before then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!




"And even if you are a seasoned performer with thousands of shows under you wand, Kid Control will teach you new tools to create that smooth-running show. Three words say it best: Buy this Book!" - Trixie Bond - MAGIC Magazine

"I Was very impressed with the book and the lecture, both packed with professional guidance." - David Ginn - AUTUMN’S LEAFLET

"His advice and specific examples of how to handle ordinary children as well as disruptive ones make a great deal of sense and should prove invaluable to the working professional entertainer -considering that all magicians at some time or other have to work with children. Highly Recommended." - Phil Willmarth - The Linking Ring

Pages 217



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