CODE: BK0322


Six years in production, this new book contains vintage magic with cards created by the late Larry Jennings during a golden age in southern California. Under the tutelage of Dai Vernon, Jennings developed many unique routines, which were kept from publication for decades. Seventy of these miracles (including some by Vernon) have been collected in a great book of card magic for everyone from beginner to expert.

Known for the clarity of his writing, Richard Kaufman traveled to Los Angeles numerous times to ensure that every aspect of the text and illustrations (from photographs of Larry Jennings' hands) are accurate in every respect. Never before has Jennings' technique been rendered so clearly in print. Earle Oakes magnificent artwork truly makes you feel as if Larry Jennings is in your home, personally demonstrating each trick just for you.

The first volume of a trilogy, Jennings '67 is your initial step into the mind of Larry Jennings. Next year we'll take you even further into his world with Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy, and in 1999 the ultimate book on his magic with cards, coins, and more, Mr. Jennings Takes It Tough, will appear.

Larry Jennings spent many hours during the final years of his life working intently on these books, books he knew would be his final legacy to the world of magic he loved so much.

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