Inside Our Manucaturing Shop

Behind The Magic

This is a rare, behind the scenes look at one of our manufacturing shops. Here is where we make over 250 items of the higest quality magic. Our master craftsman has over 35 years experience as an architectural carpenter, and makes our precision milled items one at a time by hand. Add to that, Irv's 45 years of technical expertise, overseeing each and every item that is made, and you have a magical machine shop that is unparalelled in quality in the United States and rivals some of the best shops in the world! We use only 100% U.S. made wood and accessories in our magical items! We just don't say "Made In The U.S.A.", we believe in it!

This is where the real magic of Daytona Magic happens

Here, you can see one of our visible sawing in half illusions

Can you spot your favorite illusion in these master templates?

So, the next time you're in the shop, ask us about our hand-made magical items. We'll be happy to tell you all about them!