Republished and EXPANDED by Peter's long-time friend and traveling companion Phil Willmarth, the book is brought up to date with variations of the effect or method of which Peter was either unaware or unable to include. Methods for one person or thousands, impromptu or prepared, with cards or without are now included by some of the finest minds in magic. Plus, an "Annotated Appendix" with "Tips and Related Information" and "Reviewing 'Pairs Re-Paired' Methodologies," shedding new light on the basic methodology.

In short, The Impostress Princess EXPANDED teaches an astonishing trick with several well-thought-out variations. Among other things, it will teach you new ways of thinking about your own magic.


  • Copyright 2011 
  • Size: 6" x 9" 
  • Hardcover with dust jacket 
  • 142 pages 
  • SKILL LEVEL - Intermediate 

"One of the best books on magic I have ever read. Even if you never do the effect, and I cannot imagine you will not, you will learn a lot about the psychology and showmanship involved in the effective presentation of mystery effects of all kinds. The Impostress Princess is, I suspect, destined to become a classic treatise on a classic effect." - Charles Reynolds

"The Impostress Princess EXPANDED was a joy to read. Besides being a scholarly treatise on an effect I have loved since my first Paul Fox Gimmick, it demonstrates the approach all magicians should take with their craft and the kind of practical thinking that must be applied in developing our art. Both the book by Peter Tappan and the expanded materials by Phil Willmarth are worthy of long hours of study -- not just for the 'Princess,' but for the professional manner in which all aspects of mystery performing are dealt with.
"There are so many outstanding items from luminaries of the past and present that the material is overwhelming. My favorite, however, is the Irv Weiner method. I knew Irv briefly and he was, indeed, a wonderful man and terrific performer. To now understand his secret is a privilege I am truly grateful for.

"Thank you, Phil, for reminding me of what a great magic book ought to be." - Richard Osterlind

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