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The author states in the introduction of this book that its pages don't pretend to contain the latest in magical high-tech wizardry. Nor do they contain any profound insights into our profession spoken by an experienced master. All they contain, or rather, all he hopes they contain, are some answers to questions asked to him by fellow illusion enthusiasts - What's something easy to build? What's something they can build quickly? What can they build and not spend a fortune? This is the kind of book he wishes he had when he first got started performing illusions.

The book contains some renovations of some time tested classics - made easier to build and transport. As well as some new concepts, it also contains some effects from his own repertoire that have served him quite well. Most of these ideas can be built in a couple of afternoons. With the exception of the motorcycle effect, the materials should cost less than $100 for each effect.

This book isn't meant to exist in some rarified atmosphere where we are all on the verge of having our own television specials and can afford to hire an expert Las Vegas illusion builder to craft our props out of stainless steel and aircraft aluminum. This book is for those of us that sometimes need things done in a hurry and on a budget. Most of all, this book is for the kid who spends his Saturday afternoons working in the garage trying to put together the pieces of his dream.

  • Introduction
  • Head Trip
  • 2-Dimensional Sawing
  • The Infinity Cabinet
  • Stripper
  • Ultimate Escape
  • Balloon Box
  • Zig Zag X 2
  • Instant Sub Trunk
  • Asrah basket
  • Circle 2
  • Aerodynamic
  • Essay

The book contains 55-pages and is spiral bound.

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