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This book is the best investment you can make around Halloween! In a day and age of increased leisure time, it is estimated that each American family spends 9% of its income for recreation and entertainment.

The Halloween Haunted House is certainly not a new idea. It has been around for years. In the early days, it was simply the Sunday school rooms or Lodge Hall decorated with threads for "cobwebs" and boiled macaroni for earthworms. But times have changed! We are a sophisticated crowd now. We have been taught to expect all the excitement and visual stimulation that we see in the movies and on television and we expect the thrills we get from the semiannual trips to the many theme parks.

This is a guidebook on how to set up your mini attraction. It is designed to get you into the amusement business whether for profit or entertainment and it is based on years of experience by professionals.

Philip Morris is one of the nation's largest producers of touring stage shows and owner of a massive costume company. For many years, he produced horror type programs for TV and stage. He has also appeared in several motion pictures and has acted as a consultant for special effects in films. A talented magician, he draws on his outstanding knowledge of magic illusions, stagecraft, and showmanship for this book.

Dennis Phillips' background covers all phases from television to live stage shows. Presently, he is the owner of a gigantic stage production company. Dennis is also an accomplished magician and has invented numerous magic illusions used by the great magicians of today.

Success will come only with effort, work, and initiative. So don't put off getting started. There are over 1,000 ideas including:

How To Make Money Safety Precautions Sale of Tickets
Advertising Concessions Clip Art
Finding A Location TV and Radio Copy Organization Chart
Room Designs Floor Plans Insurance Certificates
Costumes Much More!  

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