CODE: BK1164


The Self-Taught Creations of Rick Merrill. Rick is an award winning magician and Antinomy Magic is pleased to release his lecture notes to the magic community. Printed in the same oversize format as ANTINOMY, these are not your typical lecture notes. There's 40 pages jam packed with magic, life lessons, and advice on competing in magic.

Content Includes

The Restaurant Opener

Life Lesson #1

  • Approaching a Table of Strangers
  • The Standup Opener
  • The Classic Force
  • A Bonus Card Effect
  • For Magicians
  • Sybil Cut Rise
  • Sybil Cut Flush
  • The Da Vander Code

Life Lesson #2

  • Heart Up His Sleeve
  • Impromptu Hitman with an Extra Punch
  • The No-Sleeve Vanish
  • Home Schooled
  • On Sleeving
  • On Competition
  • Life Lesson #3
  • Touchstones and Crossroads
  • Thank You's

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