The magician shows a box onstage and opens the dorrs so that the audience can see through it to tthe other side. Then, the dorrs are closed, and a light inside the box lights os that you can see any objects that may appear inside. The magician thrusts his hand into the box several times to demonstrate this. Suddly, from the other side of the box, two hands are seen to be crawling out of nowhere and slowly entering the box, yet, when the walls are dropped, the box is still empty!

Once again, the walls are closed and the interior is lighted. Slowly, the shadowy arms creep back into the box, followed by a head and body, instantly, the magician opens the doors to reveal that his beautiful assisnatnt now occupies the interior of the box! What truly makes this appearance seem impossible, is that the box is not much larger than the assistant!

Can be performed in the round as it is a complete 360 degree illusion!

Shipping method and Building of the illusion…

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