CODE: BK0936


An alternative, experimental magic quarterly, initiated by Jon Racherbaumer, came out during this exciting time in magic. Dai Vernon was exerting his seminal influence at the Magic Castle, Ed Marlo was at the height of his powers in Chicago, and a new breed of well-informed magicians were creating in unprecedented ways; and this historic ferment dramatically shaped the future of close-up magic.

The Hierophant was an integral part of that ferment. It was also a decade of innovations and controversies; of sea changes and accusations; of technical progress and black humor. The Hierophant was smack dab in the middle of this heady carnival. This retrospective volume reconfirms its unique contribution to that decade. All the different tricks, sleights, ideas, opinions, and satires it published from 1969 to 1980 made a difference then and still make a difference today...

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